I have drawn and painted as long as I can remember.

For many years I worked in a rather “naïve” style, characterized by a simplification of the motif and using almost monochrome surfaces.

I have always had a certain talent for the realistic reproduction, but strictly speaking I did not know what to use it for; the camera had already been invented!


During a quiet period some years ago though, I started to cultivate the naturalistic and found my motifs among things in everyday life.

If you want to paint in a naturalistic way, you really have to LOOK at the things. I discovered that through reproducing the motifs blown-up, I could produce a kind of “portraits” of the models. My paintings represent exactly this one apple of all apples, exactly this smoked mackerel and not just any smoked mackerel etc.

I have been painting in this style now for many years; the motifs are everywhere once you have spotted them.

I suppose some will find the motifs rather trivial, and many may ask where ART is.


My target group is not established art critics or collectors, but people who take pleasure in the fact that I highlight some of the beautiful things we so easily overlook in our busy everyday life.

I may add that I also make portraits of human beings and animals.

I have been exhibiting for many years in Galleri Nybro, in countless art societies and institutions, and I have published the book “Malerier for små og store” (“Paintings for Small and Great”) (Klematis).

I am also a picture restorer, trained at the school under the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.